** Limited stock - Live Blackworms 250 grams (ship within Australia only)

** Limited stock - Live Blackworms 250 grams (ship within Australia only)

NEXT SHIPMENT - Monday 9am

Our live blackworms are grown on a farm in North East Victoria, in troughs housed in sheds.  We have natural spring water running through the troughs to replicate the worms natural environment.

The worms are harvested weekly then thoroughly washed. During packing, we remove as much of the water as possible, pack them in square bottom bags, add hospital grade oxygen to the bag, and seal the bag.  It is then place on a ice pack before being sealed in a polyfoam box.

We use Star Track to ship your order of live blackworms direct to your door.  We provide you with a tracking number and you will receive a notification when your order is on board for delivery.  

We ship out every Monday unless it is a public holiday in Victoria, then we ship Tuesdays. Therefore, we ask you to submit your order online prior to 9am Monday morning, preferably Friday, allowing us to arrange Monday's shipment.

Here are a couple of videos, showing you how to wash and store your live blackworms:



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My fish (loaches, barbs and ghost knife fish) just love your dried black worms. I used to use fresh or frozen blood worms, but I find my fish get way more excited for much longer about the blackworms.

Sally Hyslop