**UNAVAILABLE -Freeze Dried Blackworms with Spinach - Cubed - 100g Bag

**UNAVAILABLE -Freeze Dried Blackworms with Spinach - Cubed - 100g Bag

The spinach blackworms range is the perfect choice for picky eaters or fish with health concerns. This specially designed organic mix is designed to quickly stablise the health of your fish by providing them the nutrients they would receive in the wild. You'll see a noticeable difference in the energy of your fish after just a few meals.

It's a perfect, natural choice for both fresh water and marine fish varieties.

Weight: 0.15 kg



My fish (loaches, barbs and ghost knife fish) just love your dried black worms. I used to use fresh or frozen blood worms, but I find my fish get way more excited for much longer about the blackworms.

Sally Hyslop